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In 1975 David Craik established what is now known as The Avenir Group. The business started out as a commercial development company, constructing shopping centers, stand-alone retail locations, restaurants and other businesses. In the late 1990's David recognized an opportunity to take Avenir in a new direction with senior living. Avenir has since maintained a strong reputation in the construction and development business, creating projects of exceptional quality that make a difference in the lives of seniors and their families. Creating projects that nurture families and build communities has become Avenir's first priority.

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Senior Living Development at Avenir Senior Living

Avenir Senior Living began developing, Independent, Assisted and Memory Care Retirement Style Communities. Avenir develops their communities from start to finish. The team acquires the land designs the building with in-house architects and registered interior designers, developers working drawings and acquire all permits. The development company contracting department buys all materials direct, offering our customers better control over cost and materials.

The development services team has built a business structure that works, providing a strong product that offers reasonable profits and success.  

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Avenir Senior Living Boutique Management Services Core Values

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