Food is Something We All Love & Enjoy at Any Age.

At Avenir Memory Care at Little Rock we understand how important it is to offer meals that provide variety, are balanced nutritionally and taste delicious too. Our experienced and seasoned Chefs and trained staff prepare each meal largely from scratch using only the freshest ingredients to ensure a quality meal that tastes delicious and is good as it is for you too. We also partner with Registered Dietitians to critique and assist us in developing our seasonal menus, which is the GOLD STANDARD, to assure that we meeting the highest benchmarks possible.

Avenir Memory Care at Little Rock


8401 Ranch Blvd Little Rock, AR 72223

Our Dining Areas

Each of our dining areas are purposefully designed to enhance our residents experience during each meal as they taken in the wonderful aromas and social activity that come with enjoying a meal with friends. Throughout the day residents can congregate at the kitchen island, just like every family gathering anyone has attended, to enjoy refreshments, healthy snacks and their 3 meals a day.

Dietary Changes

Our seasoned and experienced Chef and Registered Dietitian will also be there to support you and your loved one in the event that changes may be required. We can support specific dietary needs in a Puree' or Mechanical Soft style as well as work closely with you on other diet requirements such as ones with no added salt or Non-concentrated sweet too.

Join Us

You are always welcome at any Avenir community to join us for meal anytime and anywhere. Come and enjoy!